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Let me take you down
Cause I'm going to Strawberry fields
Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung about
Strawberry fields forever
-  The Beatles

When Gay of Pinay Travel Junkie asked what I would like to visit in Baguio, eagerly I replied the Strawberry fields of La Trinidad, Benguet.  And on this freezing weather, I express a million thanks to her and Melo for granting my whimsical desire to visit the fields even though they have visited the place before.

En route to the Strawberry Fields of La Trinidad, Benguet, which is thirty minutes from the City of Baguio, I hear the Beatles continuously whispering into my ears to the tune of Strawberry Fields.  As to whether I was satisified or not upon arrival at the destination is another matter.

My memories of Baguio strawberries were something which is not that pleasant as I was able to try those packed in styrofoams and with small sizes at that bought at a certain park.  And that was ten (10) years ago. And so with the chance given to these strawberries, I decided to make it a try as I munch on those peddled at the stalls surrounding the strawberry farm.  And I say, it's all worth it.

The strawberry farm also offers souvenir items, and other local delicacies from which the city of Baguio is known for, which includes the various flavors of jams and wines.

Prices are relatively cheap at the said stalls and the bargaining powers can be put into test.  As for the strawberries per se, expect the prices to be high when picking up the strawberries along with the Ibaloi farmers as compared to the peddlers price.

It is the experience of strawberry picking which visitors pay for and not the strawberries itself.  Over-priced strawberry picking are justified by the fact that there is a margin for wastage when picked-up by inexperienced visitors.

Though I was not able to experience strawberry picking first hand, the sight of guests doing the experience is already enough for me.  This is definitely recommended for a family bonding activity.

"Taho"  Photo courtesy of PinayTravelJunkie
The Philippines is known for taho peddlers.  Taho is made of fresh silken tofu, brown sugar and sometimes tapioca pearls.  But seldom are we given the chance to try taho of strawberry flavor.  Indeed, only in the City of Pines.  Thus, the mandatory taste-test of strawberry-flavored taho as I amuse myself of the strawberry farm.

Though not part of every traveler's bucket list, still, a visit to the Strawberry Fields of La Trinidad, Benguet is worth the experience.  

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