San Juan, Batangas is the nearest getaway from Metro Manila for beach lovers as it takes an approximate of two hours to reach the destination.

Despite the notion that a long travel time will again consume my day, who am I to refuse an all-expense paid trip?

And off we go to Laiya Coco Grove for a company outing.

Tree houses aligned along the shores of one of the known beach resorts in the Island of Luzon is what makes this resort remarkable.

Laiya Coco Grove of San Juan, Batangas is one ideal place for family bonding, training and company outings.

The weather was uncooperative as we stayed at the resort.  But heavy rain at times did not prevent us from wandering in the vicinity and I was even surprised that Laiya Batangas offers island hopping tours and adventures.

Surprisingly, the beach waters at the said resort is not worth the try.  Aside from the sea urchins that thrive, the sand is akin to a quicksand and with a muddy feel.

Notwithstanding the undesirable sand and waters, the resorts' amenities and facilities is commendable.  Thus, serving the purpose for bonding with friends, family and colleagues.

Staying in the resort feels like being in a mini-village.  The cottages are made of materials that depicts a typical native Filipino house.

A visit to a resort would not be complete without capturing the landscape that it offers as well as the resident animals that greet each visitor.

One thing which surprised me was the fact that local fishermen also offers island hopping tours and adventures.  Snorkeling sites is also a part of the activities being offered at a rate of 100.00 for each tourist. These fishermen take pride on the fact that some sites to be visited on the island hopping tour were used as location sites for drama series on local channels, such as Marina of ABSCBN.

This is definitely another side of the Laiya Batangas adventure.  Thus, I am no longer left with the notion that Laiya Batangas is only about beach bumming and swimming.  Truly, there are still other activities worth the try.

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  1. Coco Grove is a Beach Resort in Philippines. I want to share my experience while I stayed this hotel during the trip of Philippines. I went there with my friends before niagara falls trips to visit the Cambugahay Falls. I am truly impressed with the views, the beach and barbecue dinner in sunset restaurant. I’ll recommend this hotel for all those who are going to visit this area with their families because it’s a family resort.