Last minute preparations is what I am good at.  This is a self-proclaimed assessment of myself on my trip to Kuala Lumpur along with good friends.  The choice of the hotel was not a random one as other friends already booked theirs months before the scheduled trip.  But for our group (four), we did it on the week of scheduled trip.  But the catch is - we made a good deal getting room rates exactly the same as what our friends had months before.

This is the Hotel Prescott Inn of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia situated at No. 23 Lorong Medan Tuanku Satu Off Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50300.

We arrived late at night and the reception area was quite a busy one.  Indeed, a good indication of a good business and reputable service provided to varied tourists and businessmen having their transient stay in the city.

We were booked in a family room with two beds comfortably accommodating us four and due to exhaustion we all dozed off and immediately end the day at an early time.  Thus, no decent pictures of the room.

The room was well-furnished with air-condition and an LCD TV with cable television channels to choose from.

It is said that the hotel further offers to hotel guests a complimentary basement car parking. 

Being situated at the center of the bustling capital of Malaysia, it is expected that most businessmen and diplomats stay at this hotel.  Surprisingly, world class service and facilities equates to a very low price that even budget traveler and backpackers would be able to afford the rates.
Do not be deceived by the interiors and the reputation that the hotel is known for, as definitely, affordability and good quality of service is the package it offers to guests all over the world.

Before the Kuala Lumpur exploration, since most of my travel buddies are "breakfast persons" - can't start the day without breakfast, a major consideration of accessibility to places where to eat was made.  Fortunately, we experienced no hassle of looking for such as the hotel offers a complimentary oriental breakfast.

Then, the first minute of my birthday came which calls for a short celebration.  Heavy rain poured down at midnight which I don't know what signs it give - a blessing or a warning?  Nevertheless, life has to be enjoyed to the fullest and it was indeed one fun night.

Going back to the hotel early morning to catch our flight to Singapore at 11AM the following day, we took souvenir photos at the reception area of the hotel and thanks to the management and hotel staff for not kicking us out of the hotel in disturbing the tranquility of the area and for intoxication for that matter.

the librarian is watching over you!
Where were we hours before the photo above was taken?  At THE LIBRARY.  This is situated across the iconic Petronas Towers and definitely is not your ordinary library.

This is where drunkards and party-goers go, be it locals or tourists and not to read books.  Reading may be done but each others minds' is the subject matter. (haha!)

We were brought to this bar by destiny I should say as all bars we passed by were already closed.  A live acoustic music greeted us as we enter the place and I thought the performer/singer was a Filipino.  But he was Indonesian.  This just proves how Asians have a resemblance of each other. 

Cocktails, rums, vodka, beers from all over the world- this one of a kind library have it! 

The bar's ambiance adds to the soothingly manner of service they offer.  Interiors were well-maintained and classy I must say to add comforts to the sojourners and locals who need to unwind.

Then, we met some of the serving staff who introduced themselves as Filipinos.  It was a feeling as if we have not left the Philippines and this is just another drinking spree in Metro Manila.  They shared their working experience as well in Kuala Lumpur.

It was one chill drinking session in a foreign country and I would forever be grateful for this experience.

Knowing that it was my birthday, they gave us a few free drinks and even enlisted me as one of the VIP guests with a membership card accompanying it and with certain discounts and privileges attached on next visit.

Without keeping track of the number of bottles and shot glasses consumed, we were reminded of our early flight to Singapore the following day.  Thus, we have to end the early morning session and bid farewell to the staff as well.

Another inevitable hangover I should say is coming up.  But never mind, as this too shall pass and as I always say "Life is short."

A big thanks to the Library and Kuala Lumpur for the worthy experience.  

For every traveler, the Library is surely a pit stop worth recommending when in Kuala Lumpur and when one opts for a relaxing way to experience the night life of the city.

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