The quaint town of Liliw in the Southern Tagalog Region is dubbed as the Tsinelas (slipper) capital of the country. 

This is my festival! 

Indeed, this appearance of mine in the blogosphere would not be complete and convincing if this festival is not presented to all viewers.  Anyone who loves wearing slippers whether for fashion or for comfort, should be aware that a festival in honor of such is existing.  

I have searched for the said festival for so many years, and it is only this year that I come to discover it through the tourism ambassadors of FUNtastic Philippines.  I shall forever be grateful to them for this discovery and for making me believe that perfect strangers can be the best travel companions.  This experience shall definitely be remembered for a lifetime.

The Tsinelas Festival  unlike any other festival does not showcase any street dancing competition or an interpretative dance of any folklore.  The festival simply recognizes the thriving footwear industry in the town, which is its major industry.  

Gat Tayaw Tsinelas Festival is in honor of the towns' founder, Gat Tayaw.  The native products and local delicacies of the town takes the center stage during this Tsinelas Festival parade, which among others include the uraro (arrow root), cookies and the lambanog (coconut wine).

You want slippers? I'll give you then, not just one but more than a hundred.  The street of  Gat Tayaw showcases slippers of varying sizes with unique colors and designs suited to provide a festive mood.  There are stalls aligned as well in this narrow street, where slippers are on sale and others for decorative purposes.   

Before the parade commenced, marching band participants exhibited their skills in dancing and twirling the batons under the timeless beat of the band.  Adding to the usual festive mood on rural areas, it felt good being able to witness a marching band exhibition.  Participants of the said exhibition came from neighboring municipalities of Liliw and interestingly, there is no band ensemble from Liliw.


After the marching band exhibition, government employees and residents of Liliw lined up in front of the municipal hall dressed in colorful Filipiniana and local costumes. 

Interestingly, while the parade is going on, the participants are already drinking lambanog and offers the same to the spectators.  In fact, I, along with other spectators were able to taste the lambanog as well as their spring rolls and peanuts which served as pulutan.  I wonder if the participants of the parade are still sober after it has ended.

tagay pa!

a shot of lambanog

For making me experience the 2013 Tsinelas Festival in Liliw, Laguna, my great appreciation to the administrators of FUNTASTIC PHILIPPINES! You are truly one of the best tourism ambassadors in the country.

Travel Date: April 27, 2013

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