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PENABLANCA, CAGAYAN PROVINCE, PHILIPPINES - Located in Barangays Magdalo and Quibal, Penablanca in the Province of Cagayan, the Callao Caves is one the most visited tourist attractions in the province.

Spelunking it is.

Getting There

From Tuguegarao City, we negotiated from a tricycle driver for the lowest fare we can get to Penablanca, Cagayan.  It was around 4PM and we have to reach Penablanca before the site closes for visitors.  After thirty minutes of motorcycle ride from Tuguegarao City, we reached Callao Caves.

As I Wander

Tour guide is mandatory when spelunking.  The designated tour guides all speak in English and it was amazing how they were knowledgeable about the cave itself and the history it has.  Most tour guides were children and a requisite 20.00 pesos entrance fee is required.  The cave is closed to visitors at 430PM, and we were lucky enough to be accommodated on the last minute.

Callao caves is home to distinct stalagmite and stalactite formations and consists of seven chambers.  The first chamber has a natural cathedral, which was turned into a chapel by the townsfolk.  A concrete pavement which takes 183 steps to the first chamber is a must in the itinerary.  Since we were pressed for time, we were only able to visit the first chamber. 

The first chamber though was more than enough.

a view of the Pinacanauan River

Within the vicinity is the Pinacanauan River, conducive for river rafting or boating, kayaking, fishing and swimming.  It is said that at dusk, travelers can be able to view the circadian of bats.  Unfortunately, we have to bid our goodbye.  We were not able to witness the flight of the bats, as we were catching for our trip back to Manila, which was scheduled at 830 in the evening.

Travel Date:  March 10, 2013

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