When traveling requires a distance and traversing a long and winding road, anyone is left with no recourse but to make the most of it once the destination is reached.

Cagayan Province being located at the northern most part of the Philippine map, it is expected that all popular tourist attractions should be visited and activities that need to be done indulged at  be experienced while in the said province for we never know when will be our next visit.

To help you plan an itinerary, here are some points that you may want to consider.


Every traveler needs an estimated budget for a getaway.  Along with the haggling skills and willingness to go out of one's comfort zone, our Cagayan Valley Exploration costs us an estimated 2,650.50 each for a three-day adventure excluding meals. click here for detailed transportation costs as stated in my previous post.  The total expenses is shared by four people, so the same may vary depending on the number in the group.


a.  Research for the places you may want to visit in Cagayan Province.
b.  Withdraw an ample amount of cash as ATM's are remotely located.
c.  Stick to the budget.
d.  Bring sunblock lotion as aside from swimming, island hopping may burn your skin.
e.  Bring effective insect repellents (a good lesson for us).
f.  Book for accommodations in advance if camping is not an option in the group.
g.  Thorough research should be made on the accommodations and find at least three honest and good reviews in the net.

Sample Itinerary

Day 0:

6:00PM: Assembly time at the Victory Bus Liner Terminal at Kamias, Quezon City (across GMA)
6:30PM: Departure from Quezon City to Tuguegarao City

Day 1:

6:30AM   :  Arrival at Tuguegarao City and breakfast at Koby Kubo (restaurant beside the Victory Bus Liner Terminal);  Wait for the vans plying to Sta. Ana, Cagayan in front of the restaurant  (waiting time needs patience- it is advisable to board on a van rather than a bus bound to Aparri)
8:00AM   :  Departure to Sta. Ana, Cagayan
11:00AM :  Arrival at Sta. Ana, Cagayan and request driver of van to take you to San Vicente Port
12:00noon: Check-in at the Hotel; refresh and prepare for island hopping
1:00PM   :  Departure to Anguib Beach on board a motorized outrigger canoe (chartered)
2:00PM   :  Arrival at Anguib Beach
5:00PM   :  Prepare back to hotel
6:00PM   :  Arrival at hotel and rest
7:00PM   :  Dinner and socials
10:00PM :  Sleep

Day 2:

7:00AM:  Breakfast
8:00AM:  Departure to Palaui Island
9:00AM:  Arrival at Palaui Island, trek to Cape Engano Lighthouse, sight-seeing
12:00noon:  Departure to Crocodile Island
1:00PM:  Crocodile Island
5:00PM:  Prepare back to hotel
5:30PM:  Arrival at hotel and watch sunset
6:00PM:  Dinner and socials
8:00PM:  Sleep


9:00AM:  Check-out at Hotel and departure to San Vicente Port
9:30AM:  Arrival at San Vicente Port and take motorcycle to Sta. Ana Public Market
10:00AM:  Arrival at Sta. Ana Public Market - Van Terminal to Aparri and Breakfast
10:30AM:  Departure from Sta. Ana, Cagayan to Aparri, Cagayan
11:30AM:  Arrival at Aparri, Cagayan; sight-seeing and photography
12:00noon:  Lunch time 
12:30PM:  ride motorcycle to van terminal for Tuguegarao City
1:00PM:  Departure from Aparri to Tuguegarao City
3:30PM: Arrival at Tuguegarao City and look for chartered tricycle to Penablanca, Cagayan to visit Callao caves
4:20PM:  Arrival at Callao Caves and tour
5:00PM:  leave Callao Caves and back to Tuguegarao City (Bus Terminal- Victory Liner)
6:00PM:  Arrival at Bus Terminal in Tuguegarao City and purchase ticket for last trip to Manila; dinner at nearby restaurants
8:30PM:  Departure from Tuguegarao City to Quezon City, Manila

What to To Do:

a. Treat yourself to the province' local cuisine pancit batil patong of Cagayan Province;
b. Take a dip on the pristine waters of Anguib Beach and the picturesque cove;
c. Wander and take photos of the  the last kilometer marker, San Vicente Port;
d.  Be amazed at the rich flora and fauna and picturesque backdrop of Palaui Island;
e. Picnic Session at the Crocodile Island;
f. Discover the small town of Aparri;
g. Spelunking at Callao caves;
h. And most of all, enjoy the company of friends, the sunset and people-watching.


The province of Cagayan is truly a paradise to discover. The sites presented in this post are only those visited for three days. Definitely, there is more to wander for.

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  1. You've got a great coverage of Cagayan! Kudos for your blog!

    1. thanks very much for dropping by! highly appreciate it.

  2. I have always been fascinated with Sta. Ana!! A friend of mine kept on telling me to visit it! hahaha i love your photos!! - Ysabs

    1. u should go. hehe its a perfect place to relax and unwind ng kunti. hehehe thanks! hope to see you soon. hehe

  3. you're blog is great! I am a tourism major and this is helping me a lot. It kind of made me shift to my medium in blogging :) It seems fun to blog about the places you go to. Clap Clap

    1. thank you for the compliments and for dropping by! do travel more as it's indeed fun in the philippines.

  4. It would be nice po if we could post this article at Thanks!

    1. hi! you can post the link po. it's my pleasure to promote your province.

  5. Hi! Is Sta. Ana safe? Some of the locals I know didn't encourage me to go there due to safety issues. we're planning to go to Tuguegarao early next year.

  6. Cagayan valley is a very peaceful place.try visit our place and you see its beauty

  7. ask ko po sna kung saan kayo nag stay sa Sta. Ana? and also kung halimbawa po dating namen ng Tuguegarao ng mga after lunch meron pa den po kaya byahe ng Van ppunta ng Sta. Ana? ....meron po ba kayo contact ng boatman?