How can I forget this island resort near San Vicente Port which accessibility to the various tourist attractions of Sta. Ana, Cagayan cannot be discounted yet a danger and hassle that posed to us visitors.  

As of writing, though I enjoyed the experience in Cagayan Province, the scars brought about by the mosquitoes and biting midges (sandfleas) remain on our skin.  Pardon for the negative feedback I have to share but I just can't stand how this situation has almost ruined our perfect vacation.  Should we have known, we should have stayed at the beach and pitched a tent or look for other resorts though it may be situated at some remote area in the province.

Should I recommend this resort? I won't say directly NO to give them another chance but speaking for myself, with the trauma it has implanted upon me, I shall never stay on this kind of resort again. In fact, I was determined at a point to file a Complaint for a claim liability under quasi-delict on behalf of my friends. But I'll let it pass this time unless others insist for it.

Upon our arrival at the San Vicente Port, we were greeted by a lady who introduced herself as a personnel of the Tourism Office and asked if we already had accommodations.  In all fairness, she was polite and kind enough to entertain us on all our queries as we were not prepared on our accommodations. During that time, what we needed was electricity to charge our mobile phones and other gadgets as they were all drained due to the almost 15 hours of travel from Manila.  After a series of discussions and with the assurance that there is an electricity in this island resort, we ended up at Jerolynda Resort.

En route to the said resort, the picturesque backdrop of clear waters and well-maintained landscape is a site to behold.

The boat transfer from the port to the resort is for free, it was a breeze.  However, upon arrival at the resort, we were told that there was no electricity as power will be on at 6PM.  I was dismayed.  But in order not to cause any altercation and ruin the entire trip, I let it pass, as we are bound to explore the Anguib Beach that afternoon in order not to waste time.

While at Anguib Beach, we were told that we can pitch tents and we were about to cancel our reservations at the resort upon learning such, but still, for business purposes which I clearly understood, I let go of the said idea of my travel companions and continued on the two-night stay at the resort.

It was a 2-night stay.  Since the cost was affordable and with a landscape that is enticing and  location accessible to the places we were bound to visit, we had to endure the ordeal.

sunset at Jerolynda Resort

First Night

After beach bumming and exploration at the Anguib Beach, we went back to the resort.  It was around 630PM and darkness enveloped the surroundings.  

I thought there was electricity by this time. And so, I asked from the staff for an explanation and all they could say is that the one in-charged of the generator was still at the town proper, and so we can't do nothing but wait. I was furious about the incident.  We were the only guests in the resort, yet we were taken for granted.  In a matter of minutes after I aired my grievances, electricity was generated.  So is the one in-charged really in town? Or are they just testing my patience.  

Second Night

I saw what I suspected as mosquito marks all over my arms and legs.  We brought insect repellents and applied the same generously, but to no avail. We wandered through the resort and I discovered a dead mangrove just at the back of the cottage where we were staying. And then I concluded the marks were from sand flies. I leave it all to you to do the research on what a sand mite can do to ruin your vacation.

Considering that we were the only guests in the resort and with its relatively vast area, I could not understand why we were checked-in on such a location.  This is the worst hotel experience I had as of writing.  When one of my travel companions asked what was that at the back of our cottage, they informed him it was a fishpond.  I controlled myself for such misinformation being told to tourists.  


Except for one old lady as the serving staff, I could say quality of service is poor. Where can you find a resort, where waiting staff are all hiding in the kitchen and when a request is being made, as if we intruded into some affairs that they were busy at, and I can see the irritated facial expressions as if murmuring in their local dialect to air out their grievance towards us.

Over-all Experience

Surely, it was a cheap find for an island resort accommodation (800pesos for 3 persons and an additional 100 pesos for extra bed).  However, the dreaded effects of the sand fly is unforgivable that I have to wear long sleeves for a week to cover up the marks when I reported back for work, adding to the hassle that Manila's temperature is so hot during summer time.

This is the first time I have encountered a resort who makes double charges, that is, despite being checked-in at the resort, there is still an additional 100 pesos entrance fee for every guest.  I cannot logically comprehend the reason behind this additional charge. But left with no recourse and I don't want to cause a scene, we still settled the bill.

When I had a dip at the front beach of the resort, I discovered further that the white sand as it appears is actually a cover-up for the black sand underneath.  If you want to experience it, then go ahead, I won't stop you.

There are a lot to improve on the said resort and considerations to make for the management in terms of service, facilities, amenities and overall operations. Landscape is remarkably good, however, there is more to that on what each guest expects to a perfect island getaway.  

Looks can indeed be deceiving.

I hope these issues would be addressed in order not to ruin the almost paradise experience in Sta. Ana, Cagayan.

Travel Date: March 8-10, 2013

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  1. Thank you at least now I now, I am not alone. Too bad some reviews were not as honest or as detailed as they should be. Your blog and mine can really help fellow travelers.

  2. @Intrimidida_Atribida: it was really an unfortunate circumstance for us. thanks for sharing also.

    @vijay kumar: thanks for dropping by. you would be of great help to all the travellers out there

  3. I've read about this resort from this blog. She was actually good in making comments,not to blatant but still very helpful.

  4. was just planning a vacation with a friend to the resort when i came across your blog and intrimitida-atribida. have high expectations on the resort based on what i saw on the net, but. . truly, as you've said it, the internet is very limited. thanks for your blog, and saving our vacation. . .more power

  5. It's 2016 any more feedback about the resort? Hopefully they have improved, planning a trip this May.