The global pandemic has affected us in so many ways.  While it is far from over without any official pronouncements, we have come to terms with the fact that it is necessary to adapt and move on from the inevitable.  The world has open for travel and so does the on-site reporting for work. 

For some, it is fortunate that they are able to balance work and travel by making the world as its workplace.  Investments in the form of acquiring citizenship and residency in varied countries has been a trend.  And one of its conditions is the acquisition of real estate properties.  This condition appears feasible for those who maintains a social status where money is not an issue and, where working on-site at office premises is not of concern. 


Transient travel nowadays is not a norm and people opt for long-term travels to make most of the opportunity given.  Thus, travelers either make travel as their source of livelihood, they are engaged in a work (from home) arrangement or they have passive income from rentals, shares of stocks or other property investments.


Among the world’s metropolitan cities, a number of our respondent-travelers have named these cities as a strategic location for both investment and as work premises.




Purchasing properties in Bangkok remains a profitable investment opportunity with the increased rental demand and a number of tourists coming for long-term stays.  The proximity of Bangkok from Manila (3hours flight) makes it a good vantage for a work from home arrangement as there are no significant time difference (Manila ahead by an hour).


Bangkok is likewise offering apartments and condominium units at affordable rates catering to foreign nationals who are in the city both for business and pleasure for a long-term stay.




For much of our quarantined lives at the height of pandemic, we have been accustomed to the Korean language (with subtitles) and culture through the Korean drama series.  The increasing demand to visit Seoul, the capital of South Korea and the neighboring cities has increased when the international borders have opened.


Foreigners are permitted to purchase real estate in South Korea.  Foreign residents who want to buy are subject to the Foreigner’s Land Acquisition Act and the Registration of Real Estate Act. Seoul is one the world’s most expensive property market though.


A transient stay would do for now.




The city is and has always been full of opportunities, thus, a lot has been eyeing to visit not only for tourism purposes but to engage in lawful employment.  Reports have revealed that NYC home prices will fall but not necessarily a collapse in the market. 


The location and the opportunities in one make New York City an ideal property investment hub.

Other countries such as Portugal and Spain have extended residency visas as well through and in the form of property investments.

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