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You haven’t been to Bali if you haven’t attended a beach party.  This is the impression I have in this dream island destination of mine.

Ironically, I haven’t attended one on the entire duration of our stay.  The hues of fine white and gray sands touched my restless feet as we walked for miles under a sweltering heat to discover the icons of Bali, Indonesia – the beaches.


Pasi Perahu Beach, as known to locals, is situated at the south of Kuta.  This was our first beach destination in Bali during midday.  The scorching heat did not prevent us to wander. The sweat was non-stop yet we walked towards the far end.  The beach is a walking distance from Rama Beach Resort and Villas – our home in Kuta, Bali.

The Ngurah Rai airport’s runway was visible from our vantage.  We even spotted an AirAsia aircraft about to land.  Some say the beach used to be a seaport where a community of Germans live.  Thus, the name Jerman, as spelled in Indonesia.

Jerman Beach may not be that scenic but it surely gives a glimpse of the historic past of Bali.  While there are beach resorts built and on-going constructions, this is the quiet and tranquil side of Kuta Bali.  Tourists get to enjoy a swim and some do their morning jog while fishermen continue with their routine.

The aligned traditional fishing boats known as jukung is a constant sight.  Today, the said outrigger canoes are used for a small group of scuba divers while at sea.

Shady trees along the shores is the rendezvous of Indonesian peddlers and masseuse.  They add character to the beach.


Where is the nightlife here in Bali? Videoke?  That was the random question directed to our travel guide/driver named Made.  And he replied: “It’s in Sanur”.  Then let’s go there. 

We went to Sanur not to engage in nightlife scenes by the way.  We simply passed by for an ocular of the beach.

Located on the eastern side of the island, it is Bali’s earliest beach resort.  It was a 30-minute drive from the airport leading southeast of Bali and along the coastal stretch of beach of Denpasar City.


At the entrance of the beach, a statue of a fisherman stands providing a coastal ambiance. The Sanur coastline is shared by Bali’s first beachfront hotels and amenities, with aligned shops, restaurants and bars infusing the modern and traditional Balinese character.

After that short visit, while walking towards our vehicle provided by the Bali Golden Tours, the electric lamp posts and wirings were the playground of a number of squirrel.  They are a common sighting in Bali, according to Made.

We did not know this will be an introduction to our next beach destination.


Nusa Dua is located 40km south of Denpasar.  We entered a vast compound housing luxury hotels with signage of museums as well.  Then we settled in a beachfront warung (small restaurant) to have our lunch.

Babi guling (suckling pig) wrapped in thick paper and mixed with rice will be our main course.  I personally requested for it not to be spicy while my travel buddies opted for the spicy one.  Surprisingly, the crispy skin and succulent meat of the babi guling became an instant favorite.  We ordered more.  Since the meat was mixed with rice and the spices when prepared, I could still taste the spicy flavor despite the non-spicy request.  But whatever it is, it was truly delicious despite the sweat involuntarily produced.

While having our lunch, the squirrels began to appear out of nowhere.  They were so close to our table and every passerby was taking photos of it.  These squirrels are a mainstay of the beach. 

The scorching heat of the sun was becoming unbearable.  And so I decided to take a plunge on the turquoise waters of Nusa Dua.  The fine white sand and the clear waters became my favorite beach of Bali.  It was less crowded.

Nusa Beach is my favorite in Bali.  If given the resources and the time, I would definitely wander for days in this vast compound inclusive of the shores.  The scenery and the babi guling is definitely worth coming back.


The travel magazine of varied airlines have never missed to state Dreamland as a must destination when in Bali. Even friends have recommended and declared that it is their favorite beach in Bali.  And so we heeded the call.

A colorful mini bus will take every visitor to the Dreamland.  Private cars and all sorts of vehicles are not allowed to enter, thus, a parking area is designated for visitors, which area is quite far from the beach (not walking distance).

The beach is located at the Bukit peninsula.  The sound of the waves hitting the shores and the number of surfers riding the waves initially fed my senses.  There were a number of tourists.  Some were hiding under the parasols gathered for a break and chat time with friends while some scribbled their thoughts on the sands and on postcards.  The beach is perfect for visitors who want to interact with others.

We continue to walk towards the other end of the beach where rocks were dominant and could be set up for rock climbing.  But we’re not after that at all.

On a less crowded side of the beach, we found comfort.  A rustic old house sits at the edge which I surmise is a rest house.  It adds drama to the landscape of the beach.

Dreamland is for tourists.


Known as the sunset beach, all tourists converge in this side of Bali.  Kuta is actually a district considered as the center of tourist-oriented activities. 

We were dropped-off by the taxi cab at a mall fronting the beach.  Separating the mall with aligned establishments of coffee shops, restaurants and clubs is a 2-meter white sandstone fence built in a Balinese architectural style.  There is no beach view from across.

There are motorcycles as well parked orderly on the side streets, which I surmise are for rent to tourists.  As we enter the fenced compound, the vast beach front of Kuta with surfboards displayed equidistant from each other, serving as divider of one warung to another, came into view.  It is a surfer’s haven. 

We ordered our meal for lunch in one warung, serving an authentic Balinese mealWe had Nasi Campur to be specific.  Nasi Campur is a dish composed of nasi putih (white rice) accompanied by small portions of a number of dishes, which includes meat, vegetables, peanuts, eggs and fried-shrimp krupuk.  Drinking spree then followed with Indonesia’s local beer – Bintang.  The atmosphere was so relaxing despite the influx of a number of tourists. 

As I continuously ask, is this the place where night parties happen? The amiable Indonesian beer vendor who happens to be a surf instructor as well, informed us that warungs close as the sun sets, concluding that no beach party of any sort is bound to happen in the hours to come.

And so we left the beach before sunset.  So really, where are the beach parties in Bali?


As there are no public transportation in Bali, it would be advisable for long distance travels to charter a private car for safety and convenience.

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