I find haunted houses charming.  There must be something wrong with me I suppose.  Baguio City for me has been pictured as a gallery of haunted houses.  The thrill of knowing the stories that abounds each house, the eerie vibe and slight dilapidation whilst making its exterior composure firm and nostalgic is what interests me a lot of abandoned old houses and hotels.

A mystery yet to be unveiled, we were lead to the famed Diplomat Hotel of the Dominican Hill, Baguio City at dusk. 

I’ve recently watched a Filipino film entitled The Diplomat Hotel shot on the same location as the title suggests and I found it worth watching.  That was the start of my curiosity and eagerness to visit this abandoned structure.

In the same circumstance as in the film, we entered the compound nearly dusk, but contrary to the fictional details of that film, we were not trapped inside the old building.  It is not a secluded place after all.  Residential houses line up on our way to the Diplomat Hotel.

We entered the vicinity in silence. It was a moment like anyone is not allowed to make noises of whatever sort.  I don’t know what my companions are thinking at that time but as for me, I was more than curious of the details of the abandoned hotel as I slowly recall scenes from that Filipino film. 

It is getting commercialized.  It appears a mini-museum at the ground floor and other staircases are off-limits to the public.  I was wondering if there would be a chance for me to climb that stairs and reach the rooftop where the cross stands.  To no avail, we contented ourselves with a quick grasp of the vicinity and the ground floor of the Diplomat Hotel.

The city lights of Baguio were getting visible when we exited the hotel and for a few minutes we loiter at the vast compound.  The Diplomat Hotel was a former retreat house of the Dominican priests, later on established as a school and destroyed by the Americans.  In the years 1945 to 1947, it was reconstructed and made the Diplomat Hotel. 

This 17-hectare property is believed to be haunted.  With the emergence of dark tourism, the literal ‘soul-searching’ individuals has found home at The Diplomat Hotel.

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