Felicity. Felicitas. Felicidades.

All of the above pertains to happiness. Seeking felicity for a transient stay is definitely attainable while in the only UNESCO World Heritage City in the Philippines – Vigan, Ilocos, Sur.

Apt for the hotel’s name, Hotel Felicidad gives every visitor a warm welcome and happiness while in the city, a luxurious stay amidst the fun of discovering and rediscovering the rich cultural heritage, tradition and cuisine of the city and the Ilocos region, in general.

the facade

Along with other members of the media, after a long trip from Manila (nearly 9 hours) we arrived at Vigan City almost exhausted and “comfort-sleep” deprived yet in time for our breakfast at the hotel.  But with warm welcome and interesting interiors from Hotel Felicidad of Vigan, our exhaustion vanished.


Christian, Darwin and I, were assigned to the Niño’s Suites.  The elegance and traces of Spanish-inspired architecture left me at awe.  “We better check the other rooms!” I declare.

slept at the farthest end 

It felt like we were the little children of the new family staying at the mansion.  We were situated at the ground floor, thus, the accessibility to chill at the reception area, the veranda and the dining area.

room for the little children of the Spanish times
We were given the opportunity to check the Maestra and Maestro Suites as well, situated at the second floor.  The rooms were indeed spacious, well-lit and ventilated, complete with all the complimentary toiletries, wooden cabinets, refrigerator, safety deposit box, a flat-screen television set and a free wireless internet access, a major concern nowadays.

the Maestro Suite

the Maestra Suite
A modern facility trapped in century-old stylish rooms of Spanish architecture is the theme of Hotel Felicidad.

CLICK HERE to check for room rates as it may vary from time to time.


the Grand Sala
Hotel Felicidad is a colonial heritage house transformed into a hotel. Based on readings, the hotel opened to the public in the year 2012.  An 18th century “Bahay na Bato” was the predecessor of the structure, then owned by Dr. Filadelfio de Leon and Doña Primitiva Donato.  Through inheritance by the grandchildren, the house was later on transformed as La Feliza Tourist Inn.  Then, it was acquired by a private corporation, restored and refurbished to become the Hotel Felicidad, currently, an iconic landmark in the heritage city of Vigan.

hallway of the second floor
A glimpse of the hotel’s history is already an introduction on what to expect of the hotel’s interiors.  Simple elegance and grandeur of the Spanish era is best captured at the hotel’s grand sala.  Truly, the fusion of the past and the present is best preserved and eloquently conveyed to its transients.


Hotel Felicidad has definitely lived up to its slogan, “Ilocano heritage hospitality at its best.”  From the warm welcome to being attentive to each guests’ concern, service is indeed outstanding.  Breakfast is served on time and all queries posed are answered in a detailed manner. 

The reception area serves its purpose well.  Receptionists and the officers of the hotel are friendly, beyond expectations.  They truly make every guest feel like the hotel is their new home and a part of the family.

Mia Aguila, the hotel’s manager and Ms. Kat, served as our tour guides in discovering the rich culture and heritage of the city of Vigan. And even business tycoon, Jose 'Bonito 'Singson was present on all our tours. Truly informative and helpful in the best way they can.

Photo grabbed from Demi Braque: members of the media and staff of the hotel
Pinoy Travel Bloggers and Ms. Kat
The Hotel further provides tour packages and bikes for rent to roam around the city.  For inquiries, you may visit their Facebookpage or contact the following important numbers:

Landline: +63 77 722 0008
Mobile:   +63 917 822 2797

bikes for rent

Hotel Felicidad is located at No. 9 V. delos Reyes Street in Vigan City and enjoys a quiet location within the Heritage Village.  The hotel is just a block away from the remarkable cobblestone walk, which was known as Escolta de Vigan, and has been preserved since the Spanish Era.  Hotel Felicidad is also near numerous historic sites.

It’s proximity to where we had our usual drinking spree at night and the Casa Caridad, which has become our home as well in Vigan cannot be discounted.  The convenience of roaming around the city is one factor to consider when searching for a place to stay and that Hotel Felicidad can provide you the comfort of a luxurious stay.

True to its name and slogan, our stay at Hotel Felicidad has provided happiness that will forever be part of our lives.  The bond and friendships formed with other members of the team and the organizers is priceless.  An instant family was born in this mansion that emits happiness, truly, a HOTEL FELICIDAD.

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