sizzling balut - a must try at Ate Vi's
Alaminos City, Pangasinan is best known for the Hundred Islands National Park, which I haven't visited as of writing.  A few distances from the said tourist attraction is an unassuming bistro grill that serves a set of dish Alaminos-style - Ate Vi's Bistro Grill and Eatery.

The usual business day was about to start when we arrived at Ate Vivian’s restaurant.  It was past nine in the morning.  Ate Vi was our host in our Tambobong sojourn.  One of the most hospitable hosts a sojourner can have.  With varied stories shared over breakfast and having our palates over a gastronomic treat, we lost count of the number of hours spent in the dining table and almost forgot that we are still headed to Dagupan, Pangasinan.


We were offered by a set of dish which we of course cannot resist.  I am not a morning person and with the exception of free buffets at hotels, it is never a part of my itinerary to wake up early for breakfast.

Ate Vi offered us tapang kalabaw, sizzling pork sisig, pigar-pigar (alaminos-style as she humbly declares) and the stunner main entrée, sizzling balut.  Balut?  I probably asked a number of times to confirm that this is part of our breakfast.  I never tried balut in my entire life but to satisfy my curiosity, not to mention the added pressure my travel buddies imposed, I was confident it would taste good as the sauce was overflowing and gastronomically appealing.

pigar-pigar Alaminos-style

tapang kalabaw

sizzling sisig

And yes it was.  Indeed, sizzling balut is a must-try at Ate Vi’s Bistro Grill and Restaurant.

With bottles of beer that complements the set of dish served as first meal of the day, the gastronomic treat from Ate Vi satisfied our empty stomachs.

Location and Interiors

With a nearby school and a hospital, the restaurant can be mistaken as a typical eatery or a carenderia.  But, it is more than what it is perceived as it caters to almost all types of customers all throughout the day.  There is no slack season indeed.  The eatery automatically converts into a resto bar during night time with an installed platform serving as stage for karaoke-lovers and stage performers.

restaurant's facade
Pure fun and entertainment is what the restaurant conveys, like how it was shared to us by the owner herself.  The interiors relatively reflect the taste and preference of Ate Vi, being the interior designer herself.

Dining tables and chairs are made of wood, durable enough to stand a long period of time in the likes of mahogany, tropical hardwood specie.  Sans the beach, the restaurant will transport every guest to a vibe of a nearby beach setting. 

Over-all Experience

If we only had more time to spare, then we would have stayed longer and get drunk at midday after sharing stories with Ate Vi, who seems like an old friend to us.  Apart from being a perfect place to drink, the food and the dining experience is all worth the penny.

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  1. Sizzzzzzling Balut! Hindi ako nakain talaga ng Balut but when you got to taste it. Hmmm..I have to think twice. Mukhang masarap siya.