Weekend warriors on the loose.  Families and friends in search of a place to bond.  Backpackers eager to discover the world on a shoestring budget.  Lovers wanting to create memories in what they perceive would last a lifetime. And finally, the soul searchers.  

All of the above can travel armed with their respective missions to the easiest escape from the heat of the Metropolitan Manila, that is, Tagaytay City.   A glimpse of the iconic Taal Volcano island in the middle of the lake is the common point of interest for most visitors, thus, search for accommodations poses a challenge. Fortunately, there is now a specialty lodging house that comes with an affordable rate and proximate to the best vantage points in the city.  Our Melting Pot Tagaytay situated at 75 Smokey Hill Maharlika Subdivision, Tagaytay City should be your choice.

Through the initiative of Claire Madarang of iamtravelinglight, we found ourselves spending a memorable weekend at Tagaytay City for the house blessing and official opening of Our Melting Pot.  The day started with a mass, welcome remarks and inspiring story from one of the owners, Mr. Ronald Tepora, and a food feast that naturally comes along with any celebration.  How about a drinking spree?

Sir Ronald sharing their humble beginnings - truly inspiring
Before entering the hostel, footwear is required to be taken off and left at the doorstep.  The vibe of treating the hostel as your own home is what Our Melting Pot would like to impart.  The staff of the hostel is not your house helper, thus, cleanliness should be observed at all times.

The Rooms

Dorm Room

Twin Room (shared toilet and bath)

Ensuite (double room with private toilet and bath)

Prices may vary from time to time, thus, it's better to check their website and post inquiries if you must.  But one thing is certain, rates can cater to travelers on a shoestring budget.

The Food

Guests can likewise enjoy home-cooked meals and wander within the house for all you want.  We were served organic viands fresh from the backyard of the hostel for our lunch on our second day.  I am honestly not a lover of viands improvised on what goats chew for a meal but I don't hate it either.  I'm just not used to it.  But the way our meal was prepared was commendable complemented by a cozy dining area shared with good friends.

The Rules

Like any other home that we enter, there are policies that we need to observe.  Thus, one should not be over confident and literally take into mind the greetings that the hostel is your home.  Respect should be observed at all times as there might be other guests whose concept of "enjoyment" and relaxation is different from yours.

Tagaytay City is known for retreat houses as well and that, this hostel may very well serve the purpose for soul-searchers.  With a very welcoming and warm environment, relaxation at its purest form can be achieved. The staff as well as the owners of the hostel are likewise accommodating and courteous that they might be mistaken for being  part of your extended family.  Indeed, there are no strangers in the said hostel.

our view for almost 7 hours?

I know what you did in Tagaytay last weekend.

I skipped my Nihonggo class for this weekend getaway for I know this would be a hundredfold more enjoyable than sitting in the classroom squeezing my brain on how to pronounce the kanji characters. (sensei gomen kudasai - translate:  teacher please forgive me. lol)

And it turned out to be just what I expected.

The idea of fun is definitely relative.  Living up to the label as travel bloggers (I'd like to believe I am), we certainly would find ways on how to enjoy this ordinary weekend in the city of Tagaytay.  Fortunately, Our Melting Pot Hostel is accessible, a walking distance, to the major rendezvous in the city in the form of coffee shops (i.e. Starbucks), convenience stores and drinking dens restaurants serving cold and refreshing drinks (beer to be specific).

Dinner time came and the exchange of stories with Ron (the balikbayan) of Flip'n travelsCarlaChristian and Mark ranging from the most casual to quite intriguing controversies over "a" bottle of beer should be interrupted.  Then, we were reunited with the rest of the group.  What's for dinner?

no need for introduction

blurry tawilis - am I drunk when I took the shot?

Laughter, disgust, depression and all sorts of emotion ensued as we hopped from the public market, the coffee shop then to the restaurant where we stayed until the lights went off, which leaves us with no choice but to go back to the hostel.

What makes OMP different?  People make all of the difference.

That weekend was a breather.  I  closed my eyes and realized the relationships formed made the stay more memorable.

Contact Details:

Phone:  09174000960
Email:  omphostel.tagaytay@gmail.com

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