Going to church can be quite educational at times.  Aside from professing one's faith to GOD, we unfold the treasures and history of the church's creation.  In one of my out of Metro Manila trips, I was lead to Bolinao Pangasinan's oldest church, constructed more than four centuries ago --- Saint James The Great Parish.

It's Sunday time once again and for devout Catholics, this day may not be just for family bonding but for awareness and taking pride of the rich cultural heritage we possess since time immemorial.  Though this passion is not shared by a number, this is a mere suggestion that the willing can accept.

Situated at the town center, the church of Saint James the Great is a site to behold in itself.  While it has undergone massive renovations and reconstructions, the facade still resembles what an old stone church with intricate architectural design is in the Philippines.

The church has already adapted to the modern times.  The ceiling is painted by an image of Saint James which greets every visitor and devotee.  

Trivial as it may sound, but the Bolinao church is already recognized throughout Southeast Asia, with the replica of the facade displayed in the theme park Legoland in Malaysia.  

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