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A portion of the old walled city of Manila, Intramuros, has been the recent venue of Viva Manila's quest to relive the grandeur of the old civilization.  

General Luna Street of Intramuros was cordoned off to give way to varied stalls of antique and native merchandise sold to the pedestrians as well as charred grilled meat and street foods to complement the stroll around (Pasyal) cobblestones of the district for one Sunday afternoon.

We arrived late at night at General Luna Street and witnessed a crowd of young professionals and families concentrated in a certain area.  For curiosity, we stayed with the crowd and in a matter of minutes, there we were witnessing a poetry reading of varied artists and passionate poets.

It was a different perspective of how Sundays should be spent, be it with friends or your family.

The rendition of the poems, whether originally written or read was awesome and truly convincing.  I may sound nerd at this point but the activity was fun and quite interactive.  It has been a long time since I had the chance to witness poetry reading and as far as my memory serves me right, the last time was during humanities class in my college days at UP.  

For lovers of poetry and the arts, Pasyal Sunday will still happen on the 27th of April and the 25th of May of this year.  Thus, anyone who wants to showcase his/her craft in poetry is I guess welcome to volunteer and be known, though I am uncertain if the activity is still part.

Thus, Intramuros is not merely a witness of the great architectural landmark of early Manila civilization but a good venue for the current arts and crafts to be exhibited.  

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