The only bay in the Philippines listed by the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, the famed white beach of Puerto Galera is indeed a must destination for those who seeks the contrasting worlds of soul search and beach parties.

Aside from being budget-friendly, the proximity of Puerto Galera from Metro Manila makes it one of the most-visited beach destination without having to log online and search for the cheapest flights.  Tourists, both local and foreign, flock the white beach of Puerto Galera on the months of February and March, in time for the internationally known Malasimbo Festival.  And there we were as an increment to the transients of the beach for the year 2014.

Transportation and Expenses

Manila to Batangas Pier               -     P175.00 for one way  (two hours travel time via JAM Liner)
Batangas Pier to White Beach      -     P500.00 for two-way (one hour travel time via Galerian shipping)
Terminal Fee at Batangas Pier      -     P30.00
Environmental Fee at Puerto        -     P50.00
Terminal Fee back to Batangas    -     P20.00
Batangas Pier to Manila               -     P175.00
Total                                                  P950.00

Above are the basic costs one should consider when considering Puerto Galera as a weekend escape from the fast-paced life of the metropolis.

Where we stayed

Through the initiative of our globe trotter friend Gay, we were booked at a beach front resort ideal for family and friend's getaway known as the VM BEACH RESORT.  Like any other resort, rates do vary and are distinguished as to whether its off or peak season, a weekend or a weekday.  But whatever time of the year, one thing is certain and that is, rates are reasonably low.

We stayed at a quadruple room equipped with two (2) big beds and an air-conditioning unit, a television set with a 24-hour cable TV and a hot and cold shower.  All the basic facilities and amenities were available and being clean and spacious, the resort is worth a penny for a stay at white beach, Puerto Galera.

What to Do

One will never run out of activities while at the White Beach of  Puerto Galera.  The simple beach bumming and much more for fun-filled outdoor activities while basking in the all-day sun is sufficient for the weary souls.

The fine white sand sans the clear cool waters of the white beach is likewise a landmark of itself.  In whatever spot you may want to be situated, be it with a crowd or a solo sojourn, anything is possible at the white beach.

Puerto Galera is likewise a haven for artists evident by the varied tattoo artists to choose from along the long stretch of the beach.  Souvenir items are further available making the commercial life in a beach alive.

As the sun bids farewell to all visitors, a transformation then began. The shores of Puerto Galera with  fine white sand is made into one huge party place complemented by loud music originating from varied sources and drinking sprees and rendezvous sprout from every corner of the beach.  

Aligned restaurants/bars nestled in a long concrete pavement of the shores resorted to varied marketing strategies to catch each visitors' attention.

Mindoro sling was our companion all-day until the wee hours of the morning with amount of consumption gone into oblivion and unaccounted for.  We were positioned in one of the bars where the stage of the drag show was akin to a VIP seat for a concert.  I must admit I was truly entertained causing my drunkenness to mellow down.  Their routines were unpredictable making them a crowd drawer.

The whole stretch of the beach was suddenly on fire at around 8 in the evening.  As spectators, we literally have to catch fires and be situated at the best vantage points to capture their picture worthy routines.

Surprisingly, our friend and a travel blogger as well, Darwin, showcased his talent in fire dancing.

The nightlife experience at Puerto Galera was truly a night to remember.

Morning came and burning both time and skin is the game.  The simple people watching, swimming and beach bumming with friends consumed our last day in Puerto Galera.

What and Where to Eat

At the far-end of the long stretch of white beach, an authentic Italian pizza is being served in a restaurant perched on high altitude giving a panoramic view of the white beach.  This is a must on one's itinerary to Puerto Galera for whatever purpose you may be there for.

white beach framed on our view
The restaurant's ambiance would make you feel so relaxed and truly soothing to the senses.  If time permits, I would have stayed here for a longer period of time to let my imaginations wander as I gaze life unfolds with moments created at the long stretch of the beach.

Photo courtesy of Gabe Mitra
Aside from the pizza, barbeque is likewise a must-try in Puerto Galera, not only in terms of taste but of the reasonable price attached to it.  With a 100-peso worth of ten pieces barbequed pork, placing countless orders would be a possibility, and noticeable is the fact there were no fats included.

Indeed, a perfect complement for a glass of Mindoro sling or a bottle of beer.

It is not about the sun, sea and sand solely that marks Puerto Galera on every travelers' diary but rather the night parties and bond with friends and loved ones forever imprinted in one's drunken nights memory bank.

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