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Holding a bottle of beer as I gaze the infinite horizon of the vast ocean and hear the splashing waves, my weekend in San Juan La Union has defined what relaxation should be.

With a sea of surfers, varied gastronomic experience and never-ending intake of beers, my stress-filled life was somehow normalized.

Manila to San Juan, La Union is a five (5) to six (6) hours land trip. San Juan, La Union is the town after San Fernando City, the capital of La Union.

From Manila, take a bus bound to Laoag, Vigan, Abra or Ilocos Sur with major bus companies such as Genesis, Partas, Dominion, Farinas, Viron and Florida and ask the conductor to drop you off the San Juan Beach.

In our case, we took the Partas bus with terminal at Cubao, Quezon City.

Where we stayed

For a dorm-type accommodation facility, a 300-peso worth of overnight stay per person was all worth it and a budget saver indeed.  A one day accommodation in beach resorts nearby is equivalent to two (2) to three days in this dorm-type transient house in terms of cost.   But apart from the dorms, there are regular rooms available as well which even as compared to other resorts is still priced less.

Hacienda Peter's Surf Resort is a backpacker type of hostel, said to be the top choice for adventurous and wandering souls.  And even with doors open during midnight, there is still a feeling of security.

A jolly caretaker gladly welcomes all guests of the resort, a woman of the mid 60s I think, and the zest for life and amiable traits exudes her.  She was truly contagious that we enjoyed our transient stay at the resort. Wearing a sexy red dress, she shared to us her supposed bar stint at a nearby resto bar.  Thus, the tip on where to spend drinking sessions when most bars are closed during early morning.  

The Surfers

Under the scorching heat of the sun, I see wave riders taking their chances as they glide with the waves and search for their perfect "facebook-worthy profile shots".

Each surfer takes its own center stage and though may appear crowded, the surf instructors are the directors of this vast stage making it safe for every one to execute their routines.

The waves of La Union is indeed perfect for all levels of surfers.  This is where I had my first ride of the waves and though tiring, it was all worth it.

Food Trip

Our first meal at San Juan La Union was a feast of multitude food orgasm. The platter full of grilled sea foods and pork served at Sebay Surf Central as we wait for the arrival of other travel companions with our staple red horse beer was a perfect treat.

It was an afternoon akin to sitting on a couch watching television programs right on your own living room.  But this time, I find myself sitting on a long bench with my laptop on as I continuously view the visitors and surfers of the long beach.  And so my camera started to roll and everyone being entertainers of my own world, a paparrazi was instantly born.

And suddenly, what registered in my camera was a scene far from the Philippines.  My imaginative and wandering mind was powered on.  I thought I was somewhere in Brazil or Australia, but no, only in San Juan La Union, Philippines.

What's for breakfast?

There is no rush for waking up so early in the morning.  Wake up as you please.

This is one of the rare circumstances of the mornings in my life where stress is far from my concern.

With a free wifi connection at the Fat Wave Resort and a Filipino breakfast served while people watching, I feel temporarily relieved.

Nightlife at San Juan

In the tradition of Lakwatserong Tsinelas' chasing of sunsets, it was another fortunate day for La Union's sunset to boast in front of my camera lens.

Indeed, San Juan La Union is not only for surfing but a site for the perfect setting of the sun over the horizon in hues of orange and red.

And for party-goers, drinking at night within the shores reach could have been perfect.  But there are restrictions that needs to be followed.  There are no bars open for twenty-four hours, thus, looking for the best place to drink at night is a challenge.  A bottle of beer ranges from 35 pesos to 50 pesos per bottle. But no matter where and what the price is, cliche as it may sound but it is the experience that will be remembered.

San Juan La Union is an ideal place for surfers who loves to drink and eat.

No rigid training required, just pure fun and bonding with friends.

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  1. Sunset, surfing and girls. Photographic delight :)

  2. Nice post! Would you happen to have Hacienda Peter's phone number?

  3. brain fart, it's already on the photo. thanks

  4. Will try surfing in La Union the coming days! Nice one! :)

  5. tumawag ako sa Hacienda Peter's today, kailangan pala buong dorm room yung kukunin. paano nman yung solo backpackers like me? dapat tinawag na lang nilang family room. :(

  6. eat? chill? party? and sleep? we have it in one roof! PLANET G SAN JUAN is the one you're lookin' for... we are located at mc arthur highway, brgy. urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union or contact us @ 607 - 96 - 51 or thank you and godbless! :)

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    1. Hi G Hotel,
      Do you have mobile number to call since we do not have long distance access to land line. Please send me details on my mobile number 09156958874 availability on Nov 24-26 2016 good for 10pax or more. Thanks