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CROCODILE ISLANDS, SANTA ANA, CAGAYAN, PHILIPPINES - Philippine islands are named after almost any classification of the biodiversity of life.  In my journey to discover all these various islands, I have discovered an island named after a reptile in the Province of Cagayan, Philippines.  The other one is situated at Aklan, Philippines.  

Do not be deceived by its name as it is not a dwelling place for crocodiles. Rather, the prominent rock formation of the reptile's head is the reason why Manidad Island is popularly known as the Crocodile Island.

the Crocodile Islands from a distance
Getting There

This island is only a few kilometers  away from the San Vicente Port, in fact, the island can be viewed from a distance.  Although at a glance the resemblance of the crocodile cannot be easily deciphered.

As one gets nearer on board the motorized outrigger canoe, the rock formation of a reptiles' head would be a sight to feast upon.  Our trip to the Crocodile Island is still part of the Palaui Island tour, where we were able to bargain that a visit to this island would be made as side trip at a cost of PhP1800.00. 

As I Wander

We arrived at around 1PM in the island and the tide was low then.  At that time, the rock formation was prominent and with white corals that surround the island, it resembles a crocodile resting in the island.

With our handy butane and cook set and with the aid of our boatmen and our master chef (udak traveler Regina), lunch was then served.  A freshly-caught fish and an octopus were our viands in this one afternoon session at the island.


Past noon time, the waves began to splash over the rock formations that surround us and the tides were getting high.  As the usual drinking session commenced, we were now situated at the mouth of the reptile's head conversing with one another.  I began to imagine maybe it was called the crocodile island for the reason that during high tide, only the rock formation shall be left visible and everything shall be submerged underneath the waters.

With that vivid imagination however, was the reality that it won't happen.  After all, being  a popular tourist destination in Cagayan would mean the tourists safety has already been considered.

When the sun was about to set, I roamed around this small island, take a dip on the pristine waters near the area where our canoe was docked and walked above the crocodile rock formation giving me a view of Palaui Island and Santa Ana, Cagayan coastal areas.  The waves began to splash over the various rock formations within the island, as we slowly bid farewell to the crocodile.

Indeed, this island is a perfect getaway for a picnic.  This is another picnic session alternative when one gets tired of the usual parks and plazas and instead of lying on the grass, you'll lie down with the white corals and the fine sand which relaxes your mind and body to the point of being able to sleep deeply.  

Caution:  Apply sunblock lotion for protection.

Travel Date:  March 9, 2013

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