One fine day when the the weather was so hot, we braved the scorching heat to discover the capital of Marinduque - Boac.

It was a walking tour then.  Our mission was simply to witness the Morion Parade but since the heritage houses of the town were inviting, we couldn't help ourselves but stop once in a whole to take a look at these ancestral houses.

To start the day, a mandatory breakfast is in order. We satisfied our hunger at KUSINA SA PLAZA, which as the name suggests, is indeed near the town's plaza.  Food was well-prepared and with the temperature rising, every traveler would want an air-conditioned restaurant to refresh and lessen the possibility of a heat stroke.  The facade is reminiscent of the Spanish colonial houses back to the times when our country was still under the regime of the Spaniards.  

The ambiance was relaxing and truly a taste of a fine rural comfort living.  Notable dish served was named kare-kare, which is actually dinuguan as we all know it.  It looks like grilled meat at the onset and it tastes delicious. 

kare-kare served at Kusina sa Plaza

The gymnasium of the town and the plaza is situated right across the restaurant.  This is the venue for most of the activities lined up for the Moriones Festival.  In here, we were able to capture a lot of Morions on our camera lenses.

Beside the gymnasium is the MARINDUQUE NATIONAL MUSEUM, which showcases the province's heritage to greatness.  House artifacts, historical and cultural icons of Marinduque including Chinese jars and plates excavated underwater from the remnants of an ancient Chinese junk are on display.  

Not far from the museum, is the former CASA REAL BUILDING during the Spanish colonization.  The building is said to be a replica of the former Casa Real and has already undergone renovations and structured to fit the modern times.

Then came the streets of Boac.  It's going back through time once again, when heritages houses are all lined up in a row.  The architectural designs of the said houses dates back from the Spanish colonial times mixed with a traditional Filipino ingenuity.  Some of the old houses were marked as National Cultural landmarks, although most are no longer maintained as residences per se, but are already opened up for commercial purposes.  These houses served as stores for souvenirs and others as sari-sari stores.

Casa Narvas

Even commercial establishments were structured to fit the Spanish-inspired architectural landscape of the town.

Then, we walked and walked until the facade of the oldest existing structure of Marinduque came into view.  That is, THE BOAC CATHEDRALThe cathedral was built in the year 1580.  This earthquake-Baroque architecture was originally called  Montserrat de Marinduque and later on renamed as Immaculate Conception Church by the Jesuits.  Now, officially called Boac Cathedral, the retablo main and side altars stand as the major feature.

As the center of religious faith in the island province, pilgrims are expected to flock the area.  Not only is the place appealing to the patrons but also to tourists and travelers as well owing to the remarkable landscape and architectural design of the cathedral. 

As stunning as the exteriors of the cathedral are the interiors and the ceilings of the church.


Boac, being the provincial capital, another notable landmark not to be missed is no other than its Provincial Capitol Building, which we have discovered accidentally.  

Wandering around the town through a motorcycle costs 10.00 pesos for each passenger.

Getting There

From Buyabod Port, we took a tricycle towards the Santa Cruz Public Market where jeepneys that ply towards Boac are stationed.  The last trip was 3PM and we were just in time then.  From Santa Cruz to Boac, Marinduque it takes approximately one (1) hour. (47.00 pesos fare for each passenger)

Travel Date: March 30, 2013

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  1. That wooden church door just looks so ornate.

  2. i didn't get the chance to visit the museum kasi sarado siya nun. pwedeng gawing historical community ang boac. grabe sa ganda!

  3. Having prob nalang in finding a place to stay... bka may ma share naman kayo, would really appreciate it po :)