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One of the most palatable and sumptuous dish of Cagayan Province's cuisine is the Pancit Batil Patong.

Almost every nook and corner of the Province offers this distinct noodle at a very affordable cost (price ranges from 50 to 80 pesos depending on size of order) .

The Tuguegarao Pansit is called Batil-Patong. 

Batil literally means “beat the egg” or “scrambled egg” in English and Patong means “put it on the top” or “placed on top”. The main ingredients are pansit miki Tuguegarao, pork, cara beef, lechon and chicharon bits, togue with an egg on top with a side dish hot creamy sauce of an egg (scrambled egg soup). The locals usually produce freshly made pansit miki every day, though the miki is not just made in Tuguegarao, it is also made in other neighboring towns. It goes very well with a pamasingo’- sauce mix of freshly sliced onions, vinegar, toyo and lots of calamansi juice.

We had our first taste of Batil-Patong in an unassuming eatery named KOBY KUBO, a restaurant beside the Victory Liner Bus Terminal at Tuguegarao City.  

The owner of the restaurant was there when we had our breakfast after that long and winding road trip to Tuguegarao City, who was so kind to even lead us where the vans plying to San Vicente Port would pass by. 

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