taken at the Silk Factory
taken at the Jade Factory
Traveling in Asia on tour packages never fails to surprisingly include a visit to the various factories they are known for.  My travel buddy and I opted to visit only the Great Wall of China, but surprisingly the itinerary includes a visit to the Jade and Silk Factory.  For us, this might be something new for exploration and educational purposes but for others with time constraints and other planned activities, this proves to be an unnecessary part of the supposed to be a grand tour to the Great Wall of China.  

Nevertheless, we are left with no option but to respect our tour guides itinerary.  It is after all a package tour to be exact.


Our tour guide advised us that we're taking our lunch at a restaurant near the Jade Factory, not knowing we were actually visiting the Jade Factory before the lunch meals.  Everything must have been planned and so like any other educational tour, before we proceed to the finished products of the factory, we will have a tour of the workplace/production area where craftsmen are at work.  It was interesting that a discussion was made of whether the object on display is a real or a fake jade.

After that tour, I must say jades from China or at least from this factory is quite expensive.  Fortunately, I'm not into jades.  And so we just took a lot of pictures and fool around for photo shoots.

lunch served


The famed Silk Road trade originated from China and it is fortunate that we were given the opportunity to visit one of the silk factories in the country.  

First stop was the usual silk production demo and unfortunately I wasn't able to grasp at all the discussions made.  Nevertheless, the process is quite interesting and I would recommend a visit to this factory.  I apologize I wouldn't be able to relay much of the process but one thing is certain it is a product of hard work and innovation.

The tour of the factories for which China is known for, though unplanned, proved to be interesting.

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