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Res ipsa loquitor. Even without proper research, you would know what to expect on this establishment. 

I actually am not fond of visiting museums, but they say that a visit in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam would not be complete without entering any of these historical landmarks.

It is said that the museum was opened only last 4 September 1975 and at present, it is a member of the Vietnamese Museum System, of Museum for the World Peace and of International Council of Museums.  As a brief background, this Museum specializes in research, collecting, preserving, and exhibiting remnant proofs of Vietnam War crimes and their consequences.  Through these, the museum intends to call the public to say no to war - yes to peace for world people solidarity.

We all aspire for world peace and this is one way of supporting it - visit the museum to understand the true essence of peace among all nations in a myriad of generations.

Located at 28 Vo Van Tan, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, the War Remnants Museum is one of the well-known cultural and tourist sites, attracting both foreign tourists and locals with an estimated annual rate of more than 500,000 visits.  Inside the museum, the galleries are divided into various themes, which include: historical truths, requiem (collection of war documentary photos taken by 134 journalists from 11 nationalities, killed during Indochina War), the collection of documentary photos of Japanese photographers: Bunyo Ishikawa and Nakamura Goro, imprisonment conditions during the war, aggressive war crimes, "dove" (children education room), and the World People in support of Vietnam's resistance.

Wandering inside the museum is not for the fainthearted as the pictures displayed will in one way or another affect you and make you feel how hard it was for them during the Vietnam War.  Here are some of the photos I've taken while wandering inside the museum.

self-portrait of the journalists killed during the war

Outside the building, there are tanks displayed.  I was able to read somewhere that these tanks were actually from the Americans which signified that Vietnam war is now over.  Since I am not sure of this fact, you may check and do thorough research to confirm.

The War Remnants Museum takes you to the culture and history of Viet Nam in a different perspective, and displays the pride of building a new nation.

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