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Exhausted, tired and weary from the never ending walk at the rice fields in Banaue, we are now set for the Sagada Adventure.  This is still a part of the Banaue tours that we availed of.  Whether we like it or not, we have to continue the journey.  Itineraries include the Echo valley, a view of the hanging coffins and the Sumaguing cave.  Due to physical conditions, we excluded the Echo valley from the list.  Rice terraces are still visible and I suddenly become used to it, the extraordinary now becomes ordinary.

From the Banaue View Point, we travelled to Sagada, Mountain Province.  We passed by Bontoc, the provincial capital and it is only there we can withdraw cash from ATM machines.  Upon arriving at the town proper of Sagada, visitors have to register and pay a minimal fee for the environmental protection.  I have no idea how much is the fee for exploring the Sumaguing cave as our fees are already included in the Banaue tour.

Another adventure once again...spelunking.  This is my first time and I have no idea what to expect again.  The Sumaguing cave is one of the popular caves in Sagada and a visit in Sagada would never be complete without venturing into the cave exploration.  There will be experienced local guides, so there's no need to worry.  Inside the cave, you will be greeted by picturesque stalactite and stalagmite formations.  There will be rappelling and at times swimming into the cold cave waters.  I enjoyed the experience.  It was all worth it!  Unlike the Batad Rice Terraces, I would be willing to do the Sumaguing cave exploration once again.

entrance to the Sumaguing cave

of course the group pic is important...

After the Sumaguing cave, we walked again and had our lunch at the Yoghurt House.  Being always the exception, while everybody loves yoghurt, I happen to hate it.  After lunch, we had another walk bound to the Burial caves to view the hanging coffins within.  Note that there's a superstitious belief that one should not point his finger at the coffins as this will bring bad luck.  And that commences it all.     

the hanging coffins at the Burial cave

hanging coffins on rock formations

to the burial caves

By the way, Sagada's weather is very promising.  If only we had more time, we'll stay for an overnight in that place.  I know there's a lot to discover. 

To Sagada, I shall return!

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