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It was an ordinary day while we were strolling around Gateway Mall in Araneta Center, Cubao, when we suddenly stopped to take a glance on a poster of a show featuring a dolphin and a sea lion.  For a minute of contemplation, my friend and I were convinced to watch that show.  We bought VIP tickets worth Php750.00 at that time.  I had no expectations for the show, all I know is, it is all about a display of tricks from a dolphin and a sea lion.  And that, one thing is certain, I am definitely seeing a dolphin and a sea lion, which I have not seen in my entire life. 
We bought the 4PM show and headed towards the Telus Parking Lot at Araneta Center Cubao, in front of SM Cubao for the venue of the show.  Surprisingly, the show started on time.

We were excited to see the dolphins and the sea lion.  First to perform were the sea lions named Gelo and Gelai.  The dolphins named Tutti and Frutti (not sure of the spelling though) were just swimming in a pool occupying a large portion of the venue, while the sea lions exhibited their tricks.  Honestly, while the sea lions were performing, I was kind of bored.  Ironically, I can say that the hosts did their job well and so with the trainer but there is just this odd feeling that I was not satisfied with the way the show is going on.  By the way, the trainers of the dolphins and the sea lions are from Indonesia but physically looks like a Filipino.  

After the sea lions, the dolphins then exhibited their stunts.  I was partly amazed of their skills.  And you could see children smiling while they were performing.  At that point, I concluded maybe I'm already old enough for said shows that I was not completely pleased by their performance...a weird and odd feeling.

It was a one-hour show and I was not completely satisfied with it, although I have always dreamed of seeing dolphins and sea lion in my lifetime.  After the show, my friend Iris, known as an animal lover has the same feeling as well.  Is the reason for this our age? 

Weeks after the show, I was informed that the said show is actually bombarded by protests from animal rights activists and in fact, one of its sponsors, the National Geographic Phils. pulled out its sponsorship due to the said reason.  This may have explained our odd feeling...maybe we wanted them to perform out in the ocean or see them where their natural habitat is.

There is always two sides to every story.  I congratulate the sponsors and organizers of the said show, as I know how hard it is to organize an event, but I also feel the cause of the animal rights activists. 

Conservation or Exploitation? Please leave your thoughts.

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