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Lanzarote is not just a place where you can catch some winter sun, it has some of the most spectacular volcanic scenery in the world. With guided tours that explain the history of the eruptions and how they have shaped the island, nearly 100 beaches to choose from and famous artwork from local artist Cesar Manrique, there is plenty to keep you busy.  Here are some attractions that simply must not miss.

1.  Cesar Manrique Foundation

Cesar Manrique's legacy can be seen all over the island and many of the attractions you will see will have a connection to him.  It is advisable that you visit the Cesar Manrique Foundation first, as you will understand and appreciate his other work throughout the island.

Manrique's home, which he built in a lava field, has been transformed into a foundation that is dedicated to his life and his work.  It includes work by his contemporaries, but the most impressive aspect has to be the turquoise pool and the five lava bubbles that are connected by volcanic rock passages.

2.  The Cuevas de Los Verdes

The Cuevas de Los Verdes (or Green Caves) are part of the stunning volcanic scenery.  It is essentially 6km long lava tube, one of the longest in the world.  A section, approximately 2km long has been open to the public since the 60s.  Having a guided tour is definitely recommended as the cave systems have their own optical illusions which you may miss if you are on your own.

3.  Famara watersports

If you are looking for a bit of adventure while you're in Lanzarote then head over to Famara.  Dramatic cliffs set a fabulous scene and the wind coming off the Atlantic makes this the perfect place for watersports.  Whether you want to try something new or you're already experienced, this is definitely the best place to get your surf board out.

4.  Timanfaya National Park

A trip around the Timanfaya National Park on the bus will give you a chance to see the fantastic striated rock formations.  You can also have a meal cooked on a grill which uses the heat from the volcano at the summit and if you are feeling brave, why not hop on a camel for a ride.

5.  Castillo de San Jose

The cliff-top Castillo de San Jose was built during the 18th century to protect King Carlos III's treasure from pirates. Unfortunately, it began to crumble and so was redesigned by Manrique into an impressive art gallery, housing work by renowned artists, including the famous Picasso.

Lanzarote is a place that has a lot to offer for visitors.  From the stunning scenery to the amazing rock formations and the abundance of art, it is an island of discovery.  Make the most of your visit and try to see as many of these top 5 attractions as possible.

Image by Darlo Garavini used under the Creative Commons license.

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