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Greece being an archipelago like the Philippines does not have many lakes, natural and artificial alike. One of these few natural bodies of water is Lake Vouliagmeni which is located at the posh and luxurious suburb with the same name, a 30 minutes ride from the hustling and bustling downtown Athens. 

 From Athens, one can take the tram from Syntagma going to its last stop, the suburb coastal town of Voula and take a 5 minutes taxi to Vouliagmeni.  Another mode is by taking the Bus# 22 which is direct, comfortable and fast means of travelling (also from Syntagma). I got these two modes from the hotel owner and based on my own search on the net. On the day of my travel, however, I decided to take another mode of transport after my frustration of failing to obtain a ticket from a kiosk after several attempts of inquiring to some reliable looking locals and even some tourists where I can find the store that sells the tram ticket. I travel through the Metro Train going to the southern suburbs, which I am much familiar compared to the bus or tram and stopped at the last station, Elliniko and wait for the Bus# 22 that will pass Vouliagmeni.

Weekend Wind Surfing at Vouliagmeni

The hotel that I have checked in was not difficult to locate and true to their promise, I was given a room overlooking the tranquil, clear turquoise water of the picturesque Saronic Gulf. After taking a 30 minute rest, I decided to visit the town's renowned tourist attraction, The Lake Vouliagmeni. From Hotel Amarilla where I stayed, I walked about two kilometers on a cozy noon going to my destination. On my way, I had met the first Filipino I was saw in this panoramic town, Mang Rico, a native of Sorsogon. He was working as a gardener for more than nine years in this side of town. 

Vouliagmeni is a home to some of the tycoons and famous Athenians, no wonder it is one of the most expensive housing real estate area in Greece or even in the whole European continent. If one is looking for an affordable taverna or an experience of a seaside ambiance in one of Greek's famous island getaways, this town is definitely not it. Before going here, I brought some sandwich and a bottle of mineral water from Athens or I have to pay for the same kind of items for at least five times the price here in Vouliagmeni.


Once a large cave filled with water that collapsed hundreds of years ago leaving just the lake, this geographical wonder is feed by underground river and naturally warm (remains a constant 24 degree Celsius temperature) all year round making it ideal natural spa. It is supposed to have some healing properties too.

Perfect for a day get away from the city, Lake Vouliagmeni is one of the most striking natural landscape with idyllic and serene setting. Surrounding the lake are rocks and verdant pine trees lining like soldiers guarding a lovely queen. Near the lake entrance, one can find a café serving natural therapeutic water from the lake or enjoy a light Mediterranean menu, refreshing cocktail, or sip a cup of coffee. But again, the downside of dining here is quite expensive.  

Words and Photos by:  Anthony Parcon

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