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A perfect vacation would mean something wrong will come along the way.  Ironic isn't it? But it is the truth.  Sometimes, all getaways and travel become perfect when the story that comes along with it is recalled most often, when it becomes the  staple on all gatherings and reunions with friends and even when you're alone, you can't help but giggle, frown, grin, smile to the point of being insane in the perception of others seeing you.  

When we travel, we always strive hard for the souvenir photos to be captivating and flawless.  But behind the perfect pictures are some scenes of being silly, dumb and funny.


Mountaineering is a tedious hobby.  Being prepared for such activity is a must.  And of course, being comfortable on what to wear is a MUST.  By saying it is a must, improper attire can lead to long hours of asking "Bakit ako nandito? (Why am I here?)".

If you've been to Batad Rice Terraces, you've been definitely amazed at the natural amphitheater of rice fields, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Picture-perfect isn't it?  My PE back in my UP days was camping and so we did mountain climbing a few times also, but in an activity where I thought I was prepared, something came wrong.  I did not bring along any trekking pants or shorts and even run out of shirts, thus, a souvenir shirt was purchased.  For long hours of walking the rice terraces and the hike towards Tappiyah Falls, I was wearing jeans.  Yes, you read it right! I hiked wearing a black-colored souvenir shirt and jeans (maong).   Despite being exhausted after that long trail to the falls wearing jeans as if I'm just strolling inside a mall, it is a MUST to smile for the cameras. 

Going back becomes even more worst, the rain fell so hard.  Without any raincoats, we dropped by an eatery within the terraces and made a makeshift raincoat out of colored garbage bags and of course I have to roll over my maong pants to make it appear as shorts and lessen the weight it costs me.


A local airline (Zest Air) has this promo of availing a Membership Card where on the month of your birth, you are entitled to a 50% discount.  As of writing, I'm not sure if they still have this one now.  Anyway, I took the opportunity and brought round trip tickets to my hometown, Tacloban City.  Fast forward.  On the night before my flight I had a drinking spree with my friends and confidently informed them that I can make it on my 7AM flight.  The day then arrived.  With less sleep and armed with a printed copy of my ticket already folded and placed in my wallet, I proceeded to Manila Domestic Terminal at 6AM, supposedly on time for my 7AM flight.  I saw the queue then for check-in towards Tacloban City and lined up, with the thought that I would be able to sleep well during the flight.  Then my turn came, I handed down the printed copy of the airline ticket and waited for the boarding pass.  That was what I thought.  But no, the ground stewardess smiled and politely said: "Sir, sa Cebu Pacific po kau, sa 6PM flight.  Terminal po sa NAIA Terminal 3."  Thus, on what I thought was Zest Air ticket was actually a Cebu Pacific flight, the Zest Air flight was still scheduled two weeks after.  How dumb can I be!  My face turned red and immediately made a glance at the airline ticket. And she was right!  Without any word, I walked out of the airport and feeling embarrassed I called up a taxi and immediately directed the driver to take me to NAIA Terminal 3.  I don't know what to feel during that time, I tried to forget everything and slept at one of the benches at the third floor of the Terminal, turned off my phone and the rest is history.  So dumb a traveler.

I am usually late for boarding and most of the time the last passenger to board the plane.  This case is indeed something unusual for me and too early at that.  Maybe, I was just excited to go back home I guess.  


Another irony of traveling.  My birthday trip to Kuala-Lumpur and Singapore was planned a year ahead.  I and my friends were certain we're definitely going there.  Due to work commitments and the confidence that everything can be arranged even a week before the trip, it came too soon then.  The day of our travel to Kuala Lumpur came and we don't have a return ticket.  As they were expecting I'll do the arrangements for everything, no one took the initiative for our group of four.  At the airport, I panicked for the first time. hahaha! Its an expression of mine in compromising circumstances to just utter "Chill lang!", but not this time I said to myself.  With our smartphones and credit cards, in less than 30 minutes, we were able to book a cheap hotel and a trip back to Manila from Singapore while having dinner at the airport terminal.  Everyone was busy on our respective smartphones and waiting for anyone in the group to inform each other if able to enter the websites.  It must be luck that the rates was still the same with other companions who earlier booked on the same hotel (earlier means five months before the trip).  

But the silliness haven't ended.  We planned on hopping on a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, but since it was my birthday, we knew a drinking spree is in order.  Thus, we opted for a plane ride.  While making a day tour in Kuala Lumpur we were actually busy also looking for cheap flights from Kuala Lumpur towards Singapore through our smart phones.  Multi-tasking at its finest!  Lucky, we were able to find one with the same price when taking the bus.  It was indeed my day! But I will never do it again as it may cost me big time the next time around. 

When nature calls URGENTLY, sometimes we tend to forget if we entered the right door.  My day trip to the Angkor Wat Complex of Cambodia started so early back then.  Thus, I wasn't able to do my morning ritual.  Lunchtime came and I couldn't hold on, I have to do my business at the toilet.  On one of the temples where there are eateries aligned, luckily I saw a comfort room.  There were no signboards if its for a male or a female and so I entered one door and did my business there.  When I was about to finish, I heard ladies chatting and murmuring as they enter the room.  Now, I realized it was ladies room! haha!  Since it was awkward to just get out at one of the toilet rooms with me necessarily interrupting their conversation, I decided to stay much longer and just sit down until the voices faded.  Then I walked out and run towards my companions who were waiting for me.


I'm used to random trips all my life.  But this one in Laiya, Batangas is one hell of a random trip.  It was 3AM and along with some friends, we were in a normal drinking spree and just when we were about to call it a night, one in the group suggested that we go to Laiya Batangas.  Everyone agreed, although I had hesitations at that time.  I have no time to get my swimming attire.  Other friends decided to just drop by their condominium units at Makati and get their gears as fast as they can.  As for myself, I decided not to go home.  We were in Legarda, Manila at that time and it would definitely take time if I head back to Quezon City, so I decided to go as is.  Then, the convoy to Laiya Batangas commenced with almost everyone intoxicated.  Though I wanted to take a nap, I can't as long as we've arrived at our destination.  Upon arrival, we rented a cottage and took a nap.  Then swimming time came, since everyone was ready with their swimming gears except for myself, I had to content myself with what was brought by my friends.  At first I decided not to take a dip but everyone is in the waters and so, I decided to borrow the pekpek shorts (short shorts of girl friend).  As soon as I take it on, I ran towards the water and decided to stay there until it gets dark. That makes me conservative!  Luckily, all photos were accidentally deleted from the camera.   Thanks to that accidental deleting of photos, I would not be able to review how funny and hilarious I would look like in the cameras.  Then we head back to Manila at night.  And the rest is history.


Being confident would get you to places.  But in our  tour to the Terracotta warriors and horses at Xian City, China, it almost literally stopped us in heading back to Beijing City, China.  Acting dumb and confident at the same time, we never thought of asking anyone who knows how to speak English if we were in the right place at the terminal waiting for our scheduled trip.  It was crowded and the comfort rooms were unsanitary.  The worst terminal I said to myself.  We were early at the terminal and so we thought this is a good sign, we're getting back to a familiar city.  The time came for our supposed departure and there were no signs of us getting boarded on a train.  And so we wandered around and decided to ask anyone, as a panic on our faces surfaced.  Then, someone who knows how to speak English panicked and immediately directed us to an air-conditioned room where we should have stayed.  And when we handed down our tickets, they all looked panicked and told us to run.  Then we run! As in run like a marathon and as if there's a race with my luggage on hand.  Just when the train was about to leave, we made it on time! I immediately become a runner and inside the coach of the train, I began to make sounds of cough as if I'm announcing to everyone I'm on board. I thanked GOD we made it. When we talked about it this time, we still can't get over it and we always laugh at this experience slash ordeal.


Along the way, we get to meet a lot of travelers.  On my first trip to Siem Reap, we took a lot of photos here and there and with ourselves and some solo pictures.  Then we met a Canadian whom we named as Alberto, a man who's physically fit and who seems to be a regular patron of the gym.  He requested me to take photos of him beside a tree as my two other companions watched.  Then I acceded. Right when I was about to click that button of the camera to start the photo, he began to make weird poses and making love with the camera.  My friends couldn't contain themselves, they giggled and pretended not to laugh hard in order not to offend Alberto.  I myself was having hard time, I was shocked when he did the FHM  poses and I tried not to laugh really.  Then, I said its done.  After he went a far, we laughed hard as if we destroyed the serenity of the vicinity.  We can't help it.  We didn't expect such a well-built man to be doing poses like an FHM Model and using the trees as the props, hugging and making love with it matched with the seductive facial expressions.  The incident just made our tour at the various temples of Cambodia unforgettable.

Some say lessons are learned the hard way.  But I say, in traveling, lessons can be learned in a funny, silly and dumb way!

This blog post is prepared as an entry to the April 2013 Pinoy Travel Bloggers Carnival with the theme Funniest, silliest and Dumbest Travel Moments, hosted by Lakbaydiva.

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  1. The instant photographer!!!
    I can only imagine how hard it was to contain your laughters.. hahaha!

  2. hahaha! it was really hard. i was really thinking at that moment "ano ginagawa mo?" hahaha nwei thanks for dropping by!

  3. and the best photo that been captured was usually ung behind the scene of the best photo :) follower here na

  4. If i were in your position i would really stay inside din until the people go away... super awkward yun... hehe...

    1. hahaha! yes. baka makilala ako while making the tour. kahit papano nakakahiya. haha

  5. How i wish i cud join you guys in travel trip.. :D